Stephen Curry says he's eyeing NBA team ownership post-retirement

Golden State Warriors' star Stephen Curry is making headlines in his 15th season, demonstrating that his skills on the court are far from diminishing.

Curry's expertise in shooting is well-known, but his overall game has evolved significantly over the years. Previously criticized for his defensive play, Curry has worked hard to improve this aspect of his game.

Off the court, Curry's impact is just as significant. Forbes listed him as the eighth highest-paid athlete in the world in May 2023, with earnings of $100.4 million.

His $51.9 million contract for the 2023-24 season tops the NBA charts. Beyond playing, Curry is also focusing on his future, particularly in the business and management side of sports.




In a recent interview with NBC Sports Bay Area, Curry expressed his interest in eventually becoming part of an NBA team's ownership group.

He is keenly aware of the importance of community connection and fan engagement, something he admires in fellow athletes like Buster Posey of the Giants.