The Steph Curry of Tennis”: Stefanos Tsitsipas’ $10,000 Philanthropic Pledge Ends Prematurely, Sparks Jokes/Ridicule

Stefanos Tsitsipas retired three games into his match against Holger Rune in the 2023 ATP Finals, withdrawing from the tournament.

His early exit meant he raised no money for his cause. Fans on social media mocked the Greek for his failure, comparing his effort to Steph Curry’s, among other jokes.

Before the ATP Finals, Stefanos Tsitsipas announced a donation plan in association with High Impact Athletes, an organization that connects sportspersons with charities.

He said for every set he wins at the year-end championship, he would donate $10,000 to the Humane League.




He subsequently pulled out of the competition altogether, without winning a single set. This meant his pledge amounted to nothing. Having won zero sets, Tsitsipas has no donation pledged.

This unfortunate outcome was trolled by social media users. One fan compared this incident to Steph Curry’s failure to raise funds in an event a few years ago.