The 7 Best Foods for High Blood Pressure, According to a Dietitian

        Heart-Healthy Choices A dietitian recommends the seven best foods for managing high blood pressure, focusing on heart-healthy choices.

                 Leafy Greens Emphasizing the importance of leafy greens like spinach and kale, rich in potassium for blood pressure regulation.

       Berries for Antioxidants Berries, loaded with antioxidants, make the list for their potential benefits in reducing hypertension.

        Oats and Whole Grains Whole grains, particularly oats, are highlighted for their fiber content and positive impact on blood pressure.

           Fatty Fish Inclusion The dietitian suggests incorporating fatty fish, such as salmon, known for omega-3 fatty acids that support heart health.




      Potassium-Rich Bananas Bananas, abundant in potassium, are recommended as a convenient and tasty snack to aid blood pressure management.

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