Taylor Swift got lucky when she missed her Eagles and her Travis Kelce in an ugly Super Bowl rematch

The new Madonna, who was stranded in Rio by weather and logistics while on her record-breaking Eras tour and earning millions from a concert movie of the same name, rescheduled a concert for Monday night's K.C. catastrophe.

Music’s most recent billionaire would have needed more than a cardigan at cold, rainy Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs are now 7-3. Kelce had seven catches for just 44 yards, giving him 17 catches for 116 yards in the last four weeks, since the romance heated up.

Both Kelce and his suddenly less-famous teammate, Patrick Mahomes, each turned the ball over in the red zone.




Her Eagles overcame poor play-calling, a duped defense, and a couple of missed calls from the refs. Jalen Hurts wasn’t very good, either.

The only Swift that mattered Monday was D’Andre Swift, the Eagles’ running back who accounted for 107 yards from scrimmage on 15 touches, with a touchdown.

As to the Kelces, well, Travis — who has been hiding from the press like David Beckham did when he dated Posh Spice — spoke for all of 40 seconds after the game, in no mood to address his shortcomings or his love life.