Taylor Swift fan creates digital portrait of singer with 3,347 photos

A devoted Taylor Swift fan has crafted a breathtaking digital portrait of the pop sensation using 3,347 colour-coordinated photos.

The fan, who goes by the username @stitchswift13 on X (formerly Twitter), meticulously arranged the images to form a striking representation of Taylor Swift’s iconic features.

The portrait has gained attention as it showcases the fan’s attention to detail and passion for both art and Taylor Swift.

Each carefully chosen photo contributes to the overall composition, creating a mosaic that captures the essence of the singer’s multifaceted personality.




Taylor Swift, known for her close connection with fans, has yet to publicly acknowledge the digital portrait.

The fan’s project stands as a testament to the enduring power of fan-driven artistry in the digital age.

Fans and art enthusiasts alike have flooded the replies and comment section with praise commending the fan’s creativity. A social media user commented, “(T)his is the best thing I’ve ever seen."