Robert Griffin III wants to take the Browns to a Super Bowl: ‘Sign me

Robert Griffin III wants to take the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl, and not just by organizing a field trip. He wants to lead them there as participants.

With Deshaun Watson being out for the season after fracturing his shoulder, Griffin is now pitching himself for the Browns starting quarterback job, just as he did with the New York Jets earlier this season after Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles.

The Browns should sign me as their starting quarterback,” Griffin said this week on his podcast RG3 and The Ones. “At 33 years old, I understand the game better than I ever have in my entire career.

I know how to slide, and I know when to slide. And that was a huge issue in my eight years in the NFL. But I’ve learned. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m ready to showcase that I can get it done.”




Griffin had his chance to quarterback the Browns to a Super Bowl when he played there in 2016. Unfortunately, he only made five starts and Cleveland’s 1-15 record fell just short of a Super Bowl run.

Griffin proceeded to note how Watson was able to go 14 for 14 with a fractured shoulder in the second half of Cleveland’s Week 10 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. He can do that too!

Well, guess what? I can do that! I can go out there and manage a game for the Cleveland Browns and help them go on a Super Bowl run that they want to go on.”