Olivia Dunne Joins Taylor Swift in Asking “Is It Over Now” in Cryptic Update

Olivia Dunne, an American star, has changed careers. It seems unrelated to her past jobs as an influencer, LSU gymnast, US Team member, or Paul Skenes' fiancée.

LSU senior became a dog mom for Roux, a cherished pet. Livvy has 14M social media followers swooning over her snow-white-fur friend. In addition to being the highest-paid female college athlete, Dunne is a dedicated mother.

Olivia loves the added duty, giving sweet cuddles and the recent Halloween costume moments with Roux, which many pet owners can identify to. Dunne's recent post had an intriguing clue despite her well-curated digital persona.

Olivia Dunne teaches her pet. Roux was costumed like a lovely hot dog with ketchup on top and yellow mustard stripes against a pumpkin backdrop in Livvy's Halloween update. Olivia became the bold Game of Thrones character Khaleesi.

Everything was routine until pop singer Taylor Swift appeared on her Snapchat account. A mashup of Roux in the backseat and Swift's latest record, “Is It Over Now? (Taylor's Version) [From The Vault],” sparked rumors of a secret message.




Dunne posts life updates on social media, which didn't imply. Due to her Swiftie reputation, her relationship with lover Paul Skenes is rumored.

The upgrade was more than it seems! As a mom, the gymnast joked about “culturing the young one.” If you're a Swiftie and a pet owner, this will melt your heart or make your day!