Olivia Dunne explains what she's learned since dating MLB prospect, LSU alum Paul Skenes

Olivia Dunne says being a collegiate athletics face is "rewarding," but it can also be exhausting.

The LSU gymnast has millions of social media fans and is so popular that security travels with the squad.

Dunne has had to cope with a lot in her personal life while dating former LSU pitcher and Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Paul Skenes, who was drafted first overall this year.

Skenes revealed they were dating in August after social media clues went viral. A world-famous athlete faces a new hurdle in her relationship, but she's learnt a lot.

"I've definitely learned over the past few years that, this past year mostly, that keeping certain things private is OK," Dunne told People.




It's amusing because there were initial rumors, but people caught us taking pictures and movies in public, thus the word broke. We aim to keep things private."