Northern Lights could be visible across more of US on Saturday night

Another solar storm this weekend may give more northern Americans a chance to see the Northern Lights.

A CME should reach at Earth about 1 p.m. EST Saturday, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center's Level G2 Geomagnetic Storm Watch for Saturday and Sunday. CMEs are massive plasma bursts from the Sun's corona.

A G2-level storm can disrupt high-latitude power networks, course corrections for orbiting objects, and high-frequency radio transmissions.

These storms can also make the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) visible farther south than typical in the U.S.

The SWPC aurora forecast projected lights from northern Oregon to central Iowa to interior New York along the south.




Experts recommend staying away from city lights to see the Northern Lights.

A third geomagnetic storm appeared to have rocked Earth this week. The Sun's activity is rising as it approaches its 11-year Solar Maximum, which should occur next year.