LSU basketball star Angel Reese's 'attitude adjustment' amid suspension allegations and team troubles

LSU basketball star Angel Reese, renowned in women's sports, is reportedly undergoing an "attitude adjustment".

In the last game against Kent State, LSU trailed 39-37 at halftime, and despite Reese contributing 11 points and five rebounds in 13 minutes, she did not play in the second half.

Rumors have circulated about a possible suspension for Reese, and questions about her status were raised during a press conference with LSU coach Kim Mulkey.

I guess you better have a ticket to see, huh," Mulkey said. "All right, you better get a ticket and see."




LSU, coming off a historic 2022/23 season with a 34-2 record and the first national championship in school history, has faced early struggles this season.

They lost to No. 20 Colorado on November 6, with Reese scoring 15 points. The team's current record is 3-1.

The controversy surrounding Reese has extended to social media after Reese's mother, Angel Webb Reese, criticized LSU player Flau'jae Johnson for poor word usage on Instagram.