Longevity Expert Swears by These 7 Exercises for Stronger Muscles & Less Pain

Stable Walking Low-impact cardiovascular workout and endurance training are great with a brisk steady-state stroll.

Diaphragmatic breathing How many times a day do you notice your breathing in this hectic world? Dr. Comite said that improper breathing during the day and during workouts causes muscle tightness.

Side plank Plans and side plans are great for building core and isometric strength. "A strong core is crucial for stability, balance, and appropriate posture, and it transfers immediately to right training routines.

Pull-ups/Invert Rows Pull-ups and inverted rows use your body weight as a "load" for upper-body exercises.Both exercises are great for posture, shoulder mobility, and upper-back strength.

Wineglass Squats Squatting with a dumbbell or kettlebell like a goblet is Dr. Comite's next suggestion. Squats strengthen our quads, knee joints, and hip and knee connective tissue.

Interval training with high intensity Any effective fitness routine includes HIIT. This training will cause heart rate variability and get you to 80%–90% of your max.

Trap Bar Deadlift This list of the top muscle-building exercises concludes with trap bar deadlifts. Deadlifting improves pain control and longevity.