Kate Beckinsale Wears a Dress Resembling the Titanic Necklace to Leonardo DiCaprio's Birthday Party

The actress' stunning Blonds little dress had a belt with a huge blue stone and crystal accent.

At Leonardo DiCaprio's 49th birthday party, Kate Beckinsale's attire stood out.

On Saturday, the 50-year-old actress changed into a life-size sapphire jewel for the actor's Beverly Hills gala with A-listers!

The Blonds autumn 2023 runway collection's strapless short dress with sparkling decorations and a huge rectangular sapphire-like belt ornamentation was worn by Beckinsale. Neckline crystals were also layered.

Her outfit mirrored Titanic's Heart of the Ocean diamond jewelry.




As Cosmpolitan.com noted, the actress may have been referencing her and DiCaprio's film The Aviator, specifically the scene in which she (as Ava Gardner) declares "I am not for sale" as she discards Howard Hughes' sapphire necklace.