'It's just a...': Taylor Swift once spoke about her Princess Diana's revenge dress fan theory

At the premiere of All Too Well, Taylor Swift engaged with Access Hollywood's Scott Evans, delving into her experience of writing and directing the accompanying short film.

Reflecting on a 2012 interview, Swift acknowledged her past aspirations and discussed fan theories.

When Scott Evans asked Taylor Swift about wearing Princess Diana’s dress, she said, “This is not that, I just liked a dress. It was a black dress I liked.”

Evans and Swift had a laugh as he said, “So that one is wrong, we debunked it”, and Swift shared her reaction stating, “I saw that too and I was like,” she made a stunned face.




During her interview with Scott Evans, Swift reacted to an interview she did with Access Hollywood in 2012 where she opened up about what she wanted to achieve at 30.

Evans played the interview where Swift said, “I hope that I have more tours that I’m really, they’re like the highlight reel of the best moments of my life.

Evans ended the conversation by asking Swift about the “car at the end of the video is 1989,” to which she said, “Yeah, obviously, you know me now.”