El Niño Likely to Bring Record Snow to Parts of the U.S.

The little child is back, and El Niño is predicted to be strong this year. NOAA weather maps predict record snowfall in various US regions in the coming months.

Snow has fallen in the Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, and New England.  Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Buffalo shoveled. Western New York's Lake Erie city receives 92 inches of snow annually.

Strong El Niño seasons cause drier weather in the north and wetter and snowier conditions in the south. When El Niño is strong, the Midwest may get extra snowfall.

Jon Gottschalck, chief of the Operational Prediction Branch of the Climate Prediction Center, National Weather Service, stated that the Gulf Coast, lower Mississippi Valley

and Southeast states may experience above-average precipitation this winter due to an enhanced southern jet stream and associated moisture during strong El Niño events.