5 Highlights From Taylor Swift's First of Three Sold-Out Shows in Buenos Aires

In June, Taylor Swift announced that her Eras Tour would debut in Argentina, selling out all three performances in hours. Since then, excitement has risen, and on Thursday, Nov. 9, 70,000 sang along to her first show, where she sang nearly 45 songs from her career.

Six Months Camping Thousands of people waited nervously for 3 p.m., when security will open the gates to the field, the closest spot to the main stage. Swifties camped outside the stadium for six months to be near the front of the field, then ran 100 meters to get the best standing room when the gates opened.

Taylor Performs Finally. Swift performs "Cruel Summer." at Estadio Monumental. The audience screams as Taylor expresses her joy at visiting Argentina for the first time. "Buenos Aires, bienvenidos to The Eras tour!" she yelled.

Nerves of the Moment Swift opened the fourth block with "Champagne Problems," a song she's sung hundreds of times. The diva lost her piano seat at the Monumental when it was time to play it. Instead of complaining, she laughed. "Argentines do this," she joked.

Two-Minute Ovation Weeks prior, Swift's social media fans arranged to lift posters in particular songs or reflect the Argentine flag with their iPhones throughout her event. A two-minute ovation to honor Swift for performing in their country was planned.




Until Last, Emotion The show an emotional rollercoaster. In "22," Swift donated her hat to a little girl and stopped the act to listen to the crowd yell. The show's finale will be memorable for all Argentine Swifties.